Pol Alsina (ES) and David Quiros (ES) in Pro Male and Albina Khabibulina (KZ) and Constanza Kokorelis (PT) in Pro Female were the APPT Open – Bali 2024 Champions

From June 7 to 9 Bali and Bali Social Club hosted the 7rd APPT tournament of the season. 152 pairs and 243 players from 36 different nationalities enjoyed three fantastic and crazy days of padel in male, female, and mix categories in Pro and Amateur mode.

Pol Alsina (ES) and David Quiros (ES) won in the Pro Male category

In the Pro Male category, it was a battle of nerves and skill as the winners in Hong Kong, Pol and David were facing the Asian team Tim Brown (AU) and Shungo Kusakabe (JP) players faced off against determined challengers. In a thrilling final, the Catalan players emerged victorious, displaying their trademark finesse and power to clinch the title. Tim and Shungo stood up in a final that was decided by the Spanish couple in two sets, 6-3/7-5.

Albina Khabibulina (KZ) and Constanza Kokorelis (PT) won in the Pro Female category

Meanwhile, in the Pro Female category, the action was equally fierce as dynamic partnerships showcased their teamwork and strategic prowess on the court. Albina Khabibulina and Constanza Kokorelis won in 2 sets, 6-3/6-3.

You can rewatch all the central court matches in our YouTube Channel whit the collaboration of Gabriel Dangelo and David Maxwel in the production, as commentator, after game interviews … all-terrain team to give streaming a significant jump in quality.

Crazy enviroment and record of assistant, online and offline

After Phuket the bar continued to rise. However, the APPT Open – Bali 2024 not only met expectations, but exceeded them. The combination of local players, from nearby cities and countries and the Tour faithful turned the event into a success for participation and community.

152 teams and 243 players from 36 different nationalities, filled the magnificent facilities of Bali Social Club who took the event for what it is; a professional and international tournament referring to Asia Pacific.

Players and spectators not only got to enjoy the hospitality of Mathias, Vici and Massih and the entire Bali Social Club team, but also the Official and closing afterparty party event at Old Man’s where more than 80 players and people around APPT participated.

The first APPT set is over. Break time to rest, and back on court in Septembre!

Asia Pacific Padel Tour (APPT) played its first tournament in November 2024 in Bali, Indonesia. The Tour aims to promote padel in Asia and provide opportunities for local professional players to grow in Asia Pacific.

With this mission, APPT has played seven tournaments in Bali (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hong Kong (China), Shenzhen (China), Phuket (Thailand) and Bali (Indonesia) again. In addition, before the end of the year, it will pass through at least Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and the UAE. So, the season will close with more than 10 tournaments in different countries in Asia Pacific.

In terms of participants, the Tour already has more than 830 registered participants from 72 different countries. Among these, players from local countries stand out, but there is also a significant community of European players (especially Spanish) who live in Asia or travel to play in the various tournaments. It should be noted that the circuit draws players to each city where a tournament is held, and this factor is key to the growth of APPT. In addition, the tournament is creating a loyal community, and good proof of this is that 45% of the participants are in the amateur category and come from different Eastern countries.

A special mention to AMGHEADWILSONROYAL PADELZAS, Supernatural+ and our esteemed host, Bali Social Club. Your dedication and commitment to the sport of padel is making this tour possible, and we are truly grateful for your invaluable contributions.

The first APPT set is over. Break time to rest, and back on court in Septembre!