Tito Allemandi is 2 times World Champion, TOP 8 World Padel Tour, currently player nº 6 in the A1 Padel ranking. Charisma, talent and experience joins APPT.

APPT and Adrián “Tito” Allemandi sign a collaboration agreement that turns the Argentinian player into a new Ambassador and Tour player. The agreement confirms the importance of APPT in the development of padel in Asia and reaffirms that the tour is treading hard in its mission to grow paddle in Asia Pacific and give opportunities to professional players to grow in the region.

Tito Allemandi

Tito Allemandi is one of those “Old School” players who laid the foundations of today’s padel. The 43-year-old Argentinian player has teamed up with none other than Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Gómez Silingo, Pablo Lijó, or Coki Nieto. 2 times World Champion, TOP 8 World Padel Tour, and currently player nº 6 in the A1 Padel ranking, Tito Allemandi is much more than these numbers say.

His character and personality led him to be the franchise player of the world A1 Padel circuit, in which he still competes today. Allemandi has more than 60k followers in Instagram and is one of the leading and most listened-to players when it comes to Padel at a global level.

Asia Pacific Padel Tour (APPT)

Asia Pacific Padel Tour (APPT) played its first tournament in November 2024 in Bali, Indonesia. The Tour aims to promote padel in Asia and provide opportunities for local professional players to grow in Asia Pacific.

With this mission, APPT has played five tournaments in Bali (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hong Kong (China), and Shenzhen (China). In addition, before the end of the year, it will pass through at least Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and the UAE. So, the season will close with more than 10 tournaments in different countries in Asia Pacific.

In terms of participants, the Tour already has more than 600 registered participants from more than 60 different countries. Among these, players from local countries stand out, but there is also a significant community of European players (especially Spanish) who live in Asia or travel to play in the various tournaments. It should be noted that the circuit draws players to each city where a tournament is held, and this factor is key to the growth of APPT. In addition, the tournament is creating a loyal community, and good proof of this is that 45% of the participants are in the amateur category and come from different Eastern countries.

The collaboration

The role of Tito Allemandi as Ambassador and Tour Player will allow APPT to make an important leap in the visibility of the Tour both regionally and globally. The player will be an important asset to APPT in representing the Tour both locally and globally. In addition, Tito will also play a key role in the launch and development of the Asia Pacific Padel Academy (APPA).

For its part, APPT will promote the coaching methodology of the Tito Allemandi Academy both in terms of visibility and by connecting it with clubs and players. APPT, APPA, and the Tito Allemandi Academy collaborate to increase the level of training of both players and coaches in Asia Pacific in terms of quality, but above all in quality.

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